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The Tool for Concept Mapping Surveys

cloud based, visual cognitive research | meaningful studies for various research objectives
Brand Management, Knowledge Management, Employer Branding, Cultural Due Diligence

Why CogniLink?

complex but clear

With CogniLink, you display the level of views and knowledge of your target group visually, thus easy for interpretation and communication.
Regardless of whether brand association worlds, complex knowledge areas or other conceptual networks.

Unique Insights

Get insight into the minds of your target group. Discover the world of associations around your research topic.

Insights into the Tool


Concept Mapping

The method of Concept Mapping targets to display cognitive knowledge structures by means of a conceptual network (association network) around a central term (e.g. a brand), respectively displayed by research participants. This can be done in writing with pencil and paper or by means of a visualisation tool.

Consensus Mapping

Based on a special evaluation procedure, consensus mapping provides the possibility to condense individual concept maps of individual survey participants into a single map, which is therefore called Consensus Map. 
Today, CogniLink is the only tool in the market, which goes far beyond the creation of individual maps.

The Survey

A concept map is a special form of mind map. Around the research topic, every participant creates his own individual concept map. This represents his current cognitive level of knowledge and views.

The Result

From the individual concept maps of the survey participants, CogniLink derives a consensus map which represents the common consensus and the overall opinion profile with regard to research topic in a figurative manner.

The Specials

The method of concept mapping derives from the cognitive psychology. It is characterized by four prominent functions: reduction, structuring, visualisation, communication.



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