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CogniLink is a tool, which provides the basis for a successful integration of different company cultures in Mergers & Aquisition szenarios.

The success of mergers with the expected synergy effects depends on the successful integration of the company cultures.

CogniLink provides a clear and comparative analysis of the cultures and shows key levers for necessary acculturation, for changes in both companies.

I this case, CogniLink is used as a diagnostic instrument to answer the culture-fit of the companies.

For this purpose, the mental structures of the employees regarding the key culture dimensions of the concerned companies, such as for example moral, value orientations or the organization style, are visually displayed in a Consensus-Map and analysed benchmark supported.

CogniLink`s advantage over traditional methods, which are used for culture diagnostics, is the demonstration of the interlinking of cultural characteristics in the companies. Like this, it goes far beyond an isolated comparison, used for example with the semantic differential.

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