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Administration of the Study

In your own dashboard you create new studies and manage actual or completed studies.

Analysis of intermediate Results

Once 5 participants completed the study, intermediate results and analysis are available in your dashboard.

Invitation of Participants

Invite your participants personally for a closed study or publish a link for an open study.

Creation of the Consensus

CogniLink combines the concept maps and the answers of the participants. It presents the consensus in the way of a visual consensus map as well as evaluations based on key figures.

To Process the Study

Your participants work on the study you administer in an intuitive interface provided by CogniLink.

Analysis of the Results

In the analysis area of your dashboard you find, inter alia, a comparison mode, which makes different participant groups comparable.

Cognitive Research

Do It Yourself

CogniLink | 6 good reasons

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Secure Data Transmission

SSL encryption protects all traffic against possible misuse.

Secure Hacker Protection

Protection against hacker attacks and cybercrime through DDoD protection of the servers.

Secure Data Centers

Certified according to ISO 27001 European data centers.

Daily Backups

Protection through daily backups to an autonomous system.

Secure Failure Protection

High availability of servers through georedundant infrastructure.

Encrypted Passwords

Passwords are stored as a cryptographic hash.

Deletion of all data

If necessary, all data are completely deleted physically.


Security Information

Download the above safety information as a practical PDF-OnePager.

Privacy Policy Administrators

Download the privacy policy for administrators regarding the use of CogniLink.

Privacy Policy Participants

Download the data protection policy for those taking part in CogniLink studies.

Browser Compatibility

Please use a modern browser to use CogniLink. Specifically, support for ECMAScript 6 is required, which is not usually the case with outdated browsers (for example, Internet Explorer).

Internet Connection

To use CogniLink you need an internet connection.

Mobile Use

Although CogniLink is mobile, it is not optimized for mobile because of its main graphical component.

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