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CogniLink is a tool that makes it easy for brand managers to query or create brand values, as well as verify success of campaigns

With CogniLink, a new and exclusive possibility is made available to brand managers: capture the world of brand associations as they manifest in the imagination of the target groups.
Furthermore, the intensity of the brand associations can be identified. To measure the intensity of brand associations is a critical factor of consumer based brand values. Stronger associations will be easier recalled to memory than weaker.
The complexity of the cognitive structure is a factor of the entire strength of a brand.

Thanks to the combination of two types of questions:

  1. for the assessment of the positive and negative forms of associations, in connection with the brand

  2. for the query of the situative relevance of the association within a decision making situation (typically a buying decision)

CogniLink identifies how advantageous (1.) and relevant for decision making (2.) the individual associations are for the brand.

Furthermore, a value is identified, of how positive the entire brand association network is presented.

Based on targeted surveys before and after a marketing-campaign it can be explored whether and how the campaign has influenced the perception of the brand.

Many more deployment scenarios are conceivable. 


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Find answers for important questions


Surveys of the status quo

How does the association world around the brand looks like? Which associations are most important? Which associations are charged positively / negatively? Which associations are relevant for decision-making - Eg for a purchase decision?

Before / after surveys

Was the last advertising campaign successful? Have the desired associations been strengthened? Have new associations been added?

Target / actual surveys

Does my marketing communication work in the desired way? Does my marketing communication involve my brand? Is the brand image (public image) of my brand as the desired brand identity (self-perception)?

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