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Level of Views and Knowledge

With CogniLink, you display the level of views and knowledge of your target group visually, thus easy for interpretation and communication.

Intensity of the Associations

How intense are the associations to the research subject? The intensity of the association is, amongst others, a critical factor of the consumer based brand values.

Common Consensus

For the reseach topic, CogniLink displays the common consensus and the overall opinions in a transparent way.

Valuation of Associations

How positive or negative are associations evaluated in connection with the research subject?

Automated Generation

At the touch of a button, you can e.g. compare different target groups or reach different levels of details.

Situative Relevance

Which terms/associations are relevant for the decision (e.g. buying decision) and which are not?



You like to know how about the association world around Coca Cola?
CogniLink answers, inter alia, the following questions:


  • Which associations are dominating and directly linked to the brand of Coca Cola?

  • Which associations are related to each other?

  • Are the associations positively or negatively associated to the brand of Coca Cola?

  • Which associations are relevant when buying a Coca Cola product?

  • Does the brand communication of Coca Cola pay to the brand values?

  • and many more …

  • 1st Step

    Create a Study

    First you configure the study on your research object (Coca Cola)

  • 2nd Step

    Conduct the study

    Now, CogniLink askes your target group about their personal views and knowledge level on Coca Cola.

  • 3rd Step

    Analysis of Consensus

    Subsequently, you analyse the CogniLink-generated consensus on the basis of visual and benchmark based evaluations.

Unique Methodology

Innovative Survey Tool

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