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CogniLink is a tool that makes it easy for knowledge managers and terminology managers, to query knowledge structures and create definitions of terms

Knowledge is based on complex cognitive structures. Mind Mapping and Concept Mapping are approaches of the cognitive psychology to display respectively record knowledge as structured as possible, while reduced to the essentials, in a visual and communicative way.

Being a component of the knowledge management, in the terminology management knowledge networks are used to structure and systematize areas of expertise


CogniLink provides an exclusive and innovative way to raise knowledge to special fields and/or terms for both internal and external.


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Example Terminology Management

An important task of terminologists is to define technical terms (termini). Actually there are different approaches to get to a definition – more individual definition approaches with feedback circles between terminologists and qualified personnel, or collaborative approaches in terminology circles. CogniLink provides a totally new approach to query knowledge of terms in a fast way and of several persons at the same time; this in a visual way while using the knowledge as a basis for definitions.

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